What Dabane Trust Do

Cross cutting issues

Dabane Trust priorities the following cross cutting themes: Gender, HIV and AIDS and Environmental Management, Climate Change, Disability and PHHE. Dabane programmes rely on the environment to achieve impact and to be sustainable therefore there is a need to conserve natural resources for future generations. The organisation seeks to reduce through a selective process of discussion, the adverse effects of gender inequality, the exclusion of people with disabilities, and the discrimination of people living with health and chronic diseases through the promotion of human rights, community involvement, promotion of health and hygiene and development of food security strategies by mainstreaming these issues in all programmes. These discussions give a holistic view of different factors that are likely to have an effect on the outcome or success of various programmes, hence enabling community members to be part of a creative process of countering or minimizing potential negative effects.

Commemorations of HIV&AIDS day (above) and Women’s day (below)

Community Health Club performing at the World Water Day Commemorations

World Water Day Commemorations