What Dabane Trust Do

Food Production

Dabane Water Workshops works with vulnerable rural communities to develop food security strategies through appropriate, sustainable and environmentally friendly land use and water management systems. These initiatives include sustainable small-scale community irrigated gardens that use simple hand pumps and water harvesting systems. The organisation promotes adoption of  climate smart and sustainable agricultural practices to reduce the communities’ vulnerabilities to Climate Change. Food processing and value addition is promoted to enhance market linkages and market based approaches.


Sizanani garden members showcasing their garden produce

Sitheni Nyoni of Nkalakatha ward prepares her field for planting

Promotion of sustainable agriculture practices to reduce communities’ future vulnerabilities


A flourishing maize field

Woman in Matobo shows off her harvest after following CF principles.

The programmes encourage the building of granaries for proper storage of grain.

Typical vegetable garden

   Promotion of sustainable small-scale irrigated gardens around simple hand pumps and water harvesting systems


Tomatoes from garden

Tomato garden

Mr and Mrs Ndlovus' Climate SMART Agriculture produce

Matshetshe Food Processing Centre products